5 of the Most Common Manufactured Housing Myths

What do you think about when someone mentions manufactured home communities? Perhaps you have never even heard of the term? We can almost guarantee that you have heard about them, though it was probably brought to you as the phrase “trailer park”. While that term is now considered a derogatory label, the stigma behind manufactured home communities still lingers.

Over the many years, popular media has portrayed MHCs as places where the criminal and lazy people live, who have 28 kids and live off welfare. But that stereotype couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Here are five of the most common manufactured housing myths, and the truth behind the most unknown form of affordable housing in the US.

Myth: Manufactured homes are the same as trailers and mobile homes.

Fact: The term “mobile homes” only applies to the homes that are built before 1976 when safety standards were not introduced or regulated. Manufactured homes are what we call homes built after 1976 and meet or exceed HUD’s housing guidelines. In fact, modern manufactured homes are practically indistinguishable from traditional stick-built homes.

Myth: Manufactured homes are cheaply built with inexpensive materials that will require repairs after only a few years.

Fact: Manufactured homes are built at factories where materials can be bulk ordered and used for multiple houses. This is what makes building these homes relatively inexpensive compared to a traditional stick built home, while still maintaining quality construction. The same materials that are used in traditional site-built homes are also used in manufactured homes. As far as repair frequency, they will only need repairs as often as your standard house.

Myth: You can only own a manufactured home in a trailer park.

Fact: Manufactured homes can be placed on any land that has accessible connections to utilities. However, here at Horizon, we know that owning your own land can be SUPER expensive. That is why we feel it is best that you place your home in one of our communities. You will have far less hassle trying to upkeep your property with no property tax on your lot. It really is a great system for homeowners who want to own their home, but don’t want the costs associated with owning the land!

Myth: Criminals live in manufactured home communities.

Fact: This is perhaps one of the most prevalent and untrue statements about MHCs. The overwhelming majority of people who live in one of our communities are law-abiding citizens just trying to live their best life.

Myth: Manufactured homes are easily blown over during intense storms.

Fact: Due to HUD’s standards for construction, strength, and wind resistance, they are built to withstand hurricane winds up to 110 mph, which is more than the standards that stick built homes are required to meet. This means that it is in some cases safer to be in a manufactured home during a storm than a typical home. So don’t let this little myth prevent you from achieving a part of your American dream!

5 of the Most Common Manufactured Housing Myths