At Horizon Land Management (“Horizon”), we excel at creating and maintaining affordable, clean, and desirable land-leased neighborhoods; generally located in high cost of living areas.

Our land-leased neighborhoods are Manufactured Home Communities (“MHCs”). MHCs are similar to traditional single-family residential neighborhoods, except the Landlord, rather than the homeowner, owns the land upon which the resident’s home sits.

Just like “stick-built” homes on non-leased land, homes located in an MHC are assets whose value will increase or decrease with the real estate market. For this reason, the location and general standards of the MHC are critical factors to maintain the value of the home. In other words, Management, Maintenance, Resident Satisfaction and Landlord Integrity are key to ensuring quality affordable neighborhoods.

Horizon understands this, and we have made it our mission to provide impeccable service to ensure our residents have the opportunity for affordable quality living!