A Token of Thanks to Our Residents and Appreciation for Local Business

This letter contains a perk, or rather an opportunity to help our local businesses and enjoy a “night in” on Horizon.  But before we get there……

Coronavirus sucks. Plain and simple. Coronavirus has caused sickness and death, unemployment and hard times, and social isolation.  Everyone is struggling – our residents, our businesses, and our communities.  Nobody has been spared from this unfortunate pandemic and the economic and social fallout it has caused.  Horizon cannot fix this. But we care and we want to help. 

Our team has worked tirelessly over the past six weeks to assemble, and provide resident-access, to a wide range of local, state and Federal resources; and, we have reached out to residents by phone, email, text, our website, and sometimes in person (of course keeping the proper distancing), regarding these resources.  Many residents have found this helpful and have used the resources to obtain, among other things, unemployment benefits, rental assistance, food vouchers, assistance regarding social and medical matters, and advice on avoiding scams in connection with obtaining assistance benefits.  We pledge to continue providing similar information, so please consult the website regularly, open mail from Horizon, and contact your Community Manager with any questions.

A general note of gratitude:  The fortitude and resilience shown by our residents, our staff, and the local community at large, during this period, has been remarkable and heartwarming.  Despite the trying times, we have seen tremendous acts of kindness and generosity, and we have witnessed true human compassion in the face of inhumane conditions.  Thank you for this.  Thank you for having patience with us, as we reorganized management and maintenance to conform with stay at home orders.  Thank you for cleaning your lots, mowing your lawn, paying your rent, helping each other and offering to help us out.  Thank you for taking this gracefully, one day at a time. And thank you to our community managers and maintenance technicians, who have continued forward despite uncertainty and worked tirelessly to do all they can for the residents and their communities.  And now the fun part:

Dine in on Horizon!

Here is how it works:  Anytime over the month of May, order in or carryout from a local restaurant, include the receipt with payment of your May rent, and we will credit your account the amount of the receipt, up to $30.00.*  If you have already paid May rent (thank you), then the credit will apply to June.  For those of you paying electronically (and we encourage all of you pay electronically), send your receipt through USPS, attach to an email or text, or drop off your receipt into the rental payment drop box, and we will credit your account; just make sure to include your name and address/lot number.  We see this as a triple benefit: (i) the rent credit. (ii) the chance to stimulate our local economies and help our favorite local restaurants, and (iii) a chance to feel some semblance of normalcy and to feel appreciated.

Enjoy and thank you,

Horizon Land Management, LLC

* This program is open and available to every resident in good-standing, which means any resident with a zero balance at the end of May will receive the (up to) $30 rent credit, or, if you are on a temporary payment plan, to any resident who has fully honored that plan through May.  Our managers have broad discretion to allow residents-in-good-standing to take advantage of this perk; if you feel you will not be current by the end of May, please do contact your manager because we still may be able to work with you and buy you dinner.

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